Studies show that the most productive hours of the day are between eight and eleven o’clock in the morning. This is good, because the hour between noon and one at Penn State Abington is not for classes, bookbags, or that assortment of pens you set aside to color code your new planner. At twelve o’clock Abington takes a campus-wide siesta given the amiable title of “common break.” It’s at this time events and clubs crawl out from behind desks and come to life for the whole student body.

LEAP EventInstead of just eating lunch in the cafeteria you can check to see what organization is holding an event on any given day. Last semester alone there were over 110 individual events, so chances are someone is blasting music and dishing out free food somewhere on campus. Clubs like LEAP (the student event programming board) bring comedians, public speakers, singers and bands, anything that they think the student body will enjoy. Other clubs hold events relating to their respective purpose, such as the South Asian Student Association, who holds a traditional Indian dance show each semester.

While these events are free of charge to attend, the funding for every performer and bite of food does come out of the Student Activity Fee that you paid for in your tuition bill. While the price is remarkably low for the opportunity to see such a diverse range of events during the year, you are only getting your money’s worth if you actually show up!


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