Involvement FairPeople don’t change much. Regardless of time period or social status human beings love the security of rituals. It doesn’t matter if a group is cheering from stadium seats by the millions or tossing some young maiden down the steps of a ziggurat, it’s the rituals that hallmark the memorable moments of any culture. Penn State Abington is no different. As each semester dawns posters are erected while flyers are handed out as the Student Involvement Fair returns for its perennial rite of passage.

Nearly every club comes out to strut their stuff and tell the world what they’re about. Representatives will be there to answer questions and talk to you about what happens when you get involved in their respective niche of student life. Mostly this involves getting to know more fun and outgoing people, picking up cool experience to put on your ever-growing résumé, and taking on Penn State Campus the way you are meant to, by doing what you love.

Don’t be afraid to put your email down with dozens of different clubs that you may be interested in and then investigating them on your own time. That is a tradition of its own, and expected of everyone who wants to understand everything Abington has to offer. The key is to use the Involvement Fair as a jumping off point to find not where you can be, but the right place for you to be.


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