Here We Go Again…

This week I’ll be starting summer classes. I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about it since I’ve never taken classes during the summer before. I decided it would make more sense for me to take 5 classes over the two summer sessions and then graduate in December. I think the thing that I’m most concerned about it not having time to relax but in the last week I’ve found myself needing something to do so this

View while taking class

might actually be for the best. In the first summer session I will be taking Management 321, BA 420 and then EGEE 101 through World Campus. This is also the first time that I’m taking a class online so I’m curious to see how this goes as well. Like I said, I was bored and the first chapter for my EGEE class has already been posted so I already read the chapter and took the first quiz. What was nice about this was that I got to do it on my laptop sitting out by my pool. Definitely a more relaxing way to learn. 🙂

Keep checking back here to see how I’m liking my classes and what other things I’m doing on campus. I’ll also be keeping you all posted on things that you have to look forward to on campus next year! Hope the start to everyone’s summers has been relaxing. I would love it if you all keep me posted on any vacations you are taking!


One response to “Here We Go Again…

  1. it is really nice to hear that taking the summer classes would enable you graduate earlier. Being a new student to Penn State Abington, I am still getting to know a lot of things day by day.
    But you should really feel relaxed and comfortable, learning in that atmosphere. It is really a good choice in the summer.

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