Lares Bldg at Penn State Abington

Lares Building on campus

A blog should not be propaganda. You have been fed sales pitches from every direction since high school, but this is not going to be run like that. There’s no communication in a brightly colored post-card, at least I never felt that way when I got one in my mailbox. All talking and no listening.

I believe in Penn State Abington though, because this campus believes in building relationships. I remember my first weeks at Abington, worried that I was going to get lost in the Sharpie drawn line between party-go-harders and study-God-help-me groups. I quickly learned though that there was no single line, but a web of people ready to catch and help me find my own college path. Majors, clubs, friends, all of the things I was worrying about in the idle summer months were appeased when I learned the simple lesson of being comfortable in my own skin. The other lesson I learned is that everyone has skin worth being comfortable in.

Looking back three years ago, it was the relationships built with the people who wanted to see me succeed; teachers, staff, and new friends who made my transition what it was. This blog will be just one of those relationships. Join the Penn State Abington Class of 2016 Facebook page to get in touch with your classmates. Shoot me any questions that you may have at and I will address them in the blog. Because after all, this isn’t about how great Abington is, but what you make of it.


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