Turning a new leaf..

Sorry for my lack of posts these last few months. With graduation right around the corner (23 days till graduation!!!!!) I have been working to make sure that I will pass all of my classes. But as graduation is approaching it got me thinking of my time here at Penn State Abington.

I arrived on campus, a bright eyed, freshman ready to make a change from the shy dork that I was in high school, into a outgoing, active college student. I signed up for every club I could and began meeting and getting to know the people on campus.

I think it goes without saying that I will miss Abington a lot, but I am so excited for this new chapter of my life. It’s so scary to think that in 23 days I’m going to be a Penn State Alum and that I’m heading out to the “real world”. The job search hasn’t been easy, but I am positive that I will find a job out there that I love and will have a great time doing.

Below is a little slide show just from my time here at Penn State Abington. Enjoy!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



3 responses to “Turning a new leaf..

  1. Val- I dont know why this had me all teary eyed. I miss PSA so much! 23 days. You will do great things Val, a new chapter is right, you got this girl!

  2. Great post Val, I definitely enjoyed the slide show. It’s amazing (and scary) how fast time seems to fly by. I’ve enjoyed every moment with you at PSUA and I look forward to the future! 🙂

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