No Place For Hate

Penn State Abington takes great pride in being a No Place for Hate campus.  This week we are celebrating another great year with successful multicultural events and awareness. Yesterday was the certification ceremony and the festivities are continuing throughout the week. Today, bricks for the wall of hate were available to decorate with things people have said about you or the other way around. Tomorrow is Anatomy of Hate & Unbinding our Lives; Thursday there is a Holocaust survivor speaker and tearing down the wall of hate. Friday concludes the week with Diversity Day. Also, throughout the week, shirts are available that say “I am _______” that allow you to fill in what you are and show you are proud of it.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to decorate a brick for the wall of hate but then I decided to and I’m glad I did. Not only did it show how similar things I’m called, and things I say are – but also when people around me were naming certain things I could honestly say that I didn’t say a lot of them. Once I was done creating my brick I went to read the other ones and I couldn’t believe what some of them said. The hurtful words that people around me have been called, or have said themselves are awful.  I’m hoping that this wall of hate really opens the eyes of everyone to watch what they say because a simple word can really hurt someone. I love Abington for providing events like this and for being a no place for hate campus, it gives hope that the no place for hate attitude will spread.


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