Old traditions… New Traditions.

Me and my "little" cousins 🙂

With four weeks left that means a lot of busy days, including weekends.  This weekend coming up is Easter and it is already filled with things to do so I have to get all my schoolwork done during the week. When I was little I loved Easter.  It was the holiday that welcomed springtime, a time to get dressed up, and to spend time with family. I loved going on Easter egg hunts with my brother and getting to see all of my cousins. However, since time has gone on, Easter has changed. I guess that comes with growing up. People have passed away, I’m too old for Easter egg hunts (or so my mom says) and I don’t even get to visit the Easter bunny at the mall anymore… but that doesn’t stop him from visiting my house and leaving a basket :).  This year is going to be a totally different experience for me; I am spending my first holiday away from home. I know I’m going to have a good time, and spend it with an amazing family, but it’s weird to think about not being around for the “traditions” or, lack there of since everything has changed over the years. What about you? Even though I am someone who strives on routine and tradition, I am really excited to step out of my element and experience something new.

Hope you all have a lovely week / weekend!


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