Here and there

I started thinking about how different my life would be had I chose to go to University Park instead of stay at Abington for 4 years. Going into my freshman year I had wanted nothing more than to be a junior at University Park and away from home. I wanted to be at a big campus surrounded by a lot of people.I am typically a stubborn person so I never even thought I would change my mind. The minute that I started to get involved in THON all of that changed. I fell in love with THON and knew that I wanted to stay so I could

Phillies game my freshman year. One of my favorite memories from college. When I took this picture I would have never guessed that these 3 people would have become my best friends!

hopefully be the THON Chair of Abington. I wanted it more than anything because I wanted to help THON to grow so that was the reason that I chose to stay here . It was definitely the best choice I could have made. The things that I’ve gained from being THON Chair has been more valuable than anything. I was able to make a difference in lives of these kids and do great things for Abington THON.

Once I made that decision to stay for THON I  then started to grow to love Abington. It is a huge part of my life and it is going to be bittersweet to graduate in December. This place has become my home and the people here have become like family. Staying at Abington was probably the best decision I have ever made. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to have all the experiences and opportunities that I have had if I chose to go to University Park. Other than THON, I was able to be a peer assistant, gain connections with faculty and staff, and of course become a blogger for the University. 🙂 My college years have been amazing and I definitely owe that to Penn State Abington!


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