Everyday I’m Bloggin’ (well.. maybe not every day)

How many of you have wondered how Jill, Val & I even ended up writing for this blog?  I know that before I joined the team I couldn’t help but wonder.  I guess being an active student on the Abington Campus really does help a person out.  Actually, I already knew this.  From being involved in THON I have met many great people and have had numerous opportunities to really get involved and have my voice heard.  When I was asked if I wanted to blog for Penn State Abington, it was the day I had been selected as one of the THON 2012 dancers, and I immediately thought “YESS!!!!! A way I can help others understand the THON experience and take them along the journey!” Although I have covered some other topics, I was most excited about being able to share my love for THON with everyone.

Joining the WordPress team not only gave me a way to earn a few bucks, but also connect with even more people on campus.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up graduating but coming back just to blog as an alum and how to deal with post graduation emotions. Haha. I guess what I’m saying is, although the semester is coming to an end – it’s still not too late to get involved.  Have an interest in a club? Try to learn about it so next year you will be prepared to be an outstanding member. Get in contact with whoever will be around in the club next year, tell them you’re interested and want to help! Sure, it may be a long summer, but it doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there. Maybe you’ll even be the next PSA blogger! 🙂

PS. I just read this on Onward State and thought I would share it 🙂


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