Movies in class: Love them or Hate them?

We all have those days where we go to class and the professor says “we’re watching a movie” but what does that really mean for students? In my experience, a good handful of students take this as a chance to check out of class completely. They may be sitting here but they don’t really pay attention to what is going on.  Some students will even walk right out because they don’t want to watch whatever is being put on, especially if they know that there will be no assignment that is linked to it. Films in class are a nice learning opportunity for students, and a nice change from listening to a professor lecture and students should really embrace it and pay attention. I know that for me, especially in my English classes, whenever a professor shows a movie I pay close attention. It really clears up the material and gives an understanding that you may not get directly from reading a novel. However for the most part, when I hear movie – I immediately sigh and dread the remainder of class. What about you?


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