SGA 2012-2013!!

VP, Ciara & President, Fallyn.

With springtime comes spring-cleaning, out with the old, in with the new. With that being said I would like to welcome our new SGA officers, Fallyn Maleski: President, Ciara McCoy: Vice President, Stacy Wanerman: Secretary, and Jeffery Wright: Treasurer.  Although they are not “officially” in office until April 10th, everyone is excited for them to get to work. It has been a good year for Abington’s Student Government and the 2011-2012 officers should be very proud.  I am excited to see what our newly elected officers are going to bring to the table. I have seen many different leaders during my time at Abington and they have all had many different new ideas to help our campus grow.

President Fallyn Maleski plans to work on bettering our café, cleaning up the duck pond, and renovating Sutherland and the Lions Den, which is the SGA club office. She also hopes to create more of a relationship between students and faculty, PSA and the community, and PSA and the other commonwealth campuses. I think these are all great plans and I can’t wait to see her ideas start becoming a reality.


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