Capital Day 2012!

Penn State Capital Day is quickly approaching and our SGA really wants to get a lot of people to go so be sure to sign up. It is important that you go so that we can continue to have government support for our University!

If you are wondering exactly what capital day is, I think the CCSG website explains it best, “Penn State students will bring together alumni and student advocates for Penn State in a series of visits with state legislators, culminating with a “Rally in the Rotunda” that will bring together students, alumni, and friends of Penn State on the Capitol rotunda steps in a message of solidarity and support for a greater state appropriation.

The goal of Capital Day is to deliver a message that continued government support for Penn State is critical to maintain the University’s strength, keep a Penn State education affordable, and sustain Penn State’s positive influence throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

To register…
go to this site to figure out your +4:!input.action
Then, plug that into this site to figure out who your legislators are (there will be a Senator and a Representative):
Finally, sign up for the event here: and select your Senator and Representative from the drop down menu

There will be buses leaving from Abington early Wednesday morning. If you have any other questions regarding capital day you can contact the SGA Secretary, Ryan Steele, at

To see the schedule for the day you can visit:


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