Experiences of a lifetime

Being someone that has now danced twice for Abington THON, people seemed really interested in how the two weekends compared. Some questions I heard were, “How does dancing this time around compare to the first time?” “Is it easier the second time?” I think that every time I had a variation of the same answer.

Dancing for THON is the experience of a lifetime and I am lucky enough to say that I was able to do it twice. I love THON so much and knowing that it goes recognized and people understand how much I am in it for the kids really makes me happy.

Me and Cat on stage during THON weekend.

The answer that I gave when asked how the two weekends compare and if it was easier went a little something like this…

They were two totally different experiences.  To compare them and pick a better one would be unfair and honestly not even possible.  To start with, most of the people I spent my time with were different.  In 2010, a lot of the Abington moralers had experienced THON before, and had been around for quite some time.  The Abington moralers this year were mostly new people; majority of them never even went to THON before. It was awesome watching them during parts of the weekend and really watching it click for them why we were there and what all of our hard work went towards during the year. The last time I danced, Abington had four dancers, so I had three dancer partners and that also meant we had four total moralers supplied from University Park. This year, we only had two of each and that was definitely a difference. Another huge difference was that this time around, not only did we get to represent the Chapman family, but also the Furisters & Getz’s.

Me getting an ice bath during THON 2010.

As for if it was easier, I’m not really sure.  Certain parts were definitely hard both weekends.  This time around I definitely cried less. The pain that I felt was awful but I also think that I dealt with it a lot better this past weekend rather than in 2010.  I think I owe a lot of that to the energy produced in the stands, and whoever was on the floor with me. I went this whole weekend without any ice bath or getting my feet wrapped and those are both things that I did in 2010. My moraler encouraged me to go as long as I possibly could without it and I think that really helped me out in the end.

Both weekends will forever hold a special place in my heart and when people ask me what my favorite part of college was, they will easily share the number one spot.


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