We are….FTK

To say that this weekend has been emotional is an understatement. This weekend has been one of the best that, I believe, Penn State has seen in a very long time. With record breaking numbers of people attending this year’s THON, it’s a wonder that the BJC wasn’t on lockdown earlier. With crazy costumes, water guns, and kids running around having a blast, THON has proven yet again that “this is what they mean when we say We are Penn State.”

And so before I tell you the grand total from all of the hard work that THON’ers have put in I just want quickly say that Catarina, and Rebecca did a phenomenal representing Abington THON. They were total troopers through out the whole 46 hours, and stayed strong and positive. I am so proud to know these two women as closely as I do and I was really proud to see our students, past and present, showing wonderful support and love to Cat and Becca.

So….the moment you have all been waiting for…..the final total of THON 2012 is…..drumroll please……

We have raised a record breaking $10,686,924.83!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Penn State Abington came in 4th place among the 19 other common wealth campus’s with our grand total of $41,695.96!!!!! Congrats to all of the dancers, captains, and families for making this year’s THON better than ever!



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