THON 2012 Line Dance- Lyrics

Lunge it out, one and all,

From the window, to the wall.

Twist it here, twist it there.

Throw those arms up in the air.

Verse 1

BJC lace up those kicks, THON is here for 46

2012 time to dance, or the kids for a chance

Rumble rumble shake shake, you get that”? you feel that quake?

BK, Starbucks grab some grub, hope I’m mayor of the HUB!

Collegian turns 125, student section moves aside

409, what a run, thank you Joe Pa for all you’ve done

Candlelight’s shining through. We stand united wearing blue

THON 2012- courtesy of Onward

We Are..FTK! Lions let me hear you say!



Will and Kate wed at last! Kim and Kris? Well that was fast!

Demi Moore you got punk’d. Beyonce rubs her baby bump

Raise your wand – Lumos, curtain falls

7th Potter – nox, dazzles all

Once you find the perfect spot the question is to plant or not

Playing friends word by word. Dud you launch your angry bird?

Bridesmaids – what a mess, not in the street, no in the dress!

Rebecca Black, knows her days – can you hear that superbass?

Boom badoom boom badoom boom superbass.

Adele center stage, Hunger games turn that page

Is that a feather in your hair? Honey badger he don’t care!

Dom says “Come at me Bro” – ayoo dancers – leggo



One decade post September, 9/11 we remember

NASA shuttle is retired, Steve Jobs still inspires

Joplin, Hershey, storms invade, Japanese gets global aid

Occupy nationwide, U.S. Troops, home with pride

Lockout almost wrecks the pros, let me see your Tebow pose

Pitt and Philly fans unite – MLB joins the fight

Welcome Chambers and O’Brien, blue and white. Love ya lions

Penn State sports, are on top, wait for dubstep’s beat to drop



Families, kids, volunteers, celebrating 40 years

Hershey center almost done, fighting till the battle’s

15,000 standing tall, for our heros big and small

BJC, tell me this, why do we dance? For Kids like Chris!

For Courage, to help us dance, strength a fighting chance

Honesty. Our hearts are pure, wisdom to find a cure

FTK, THON will chant, we still dance for those who can’t

Four Diamonds light the night, making every journey bright.


Pump it Lions, pump it up FTK (Let me hear you roar)

Cancer – we’ll fight it

Dancing United

Penn State break it down

Diamonds up all around

Shine your light, win this fight


-Courtesy of The Daily Collegian-THON Blog


THON Line Dance Video


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