Lares, the Melting Pot of Abington

“So as I walk in, I immediately look for mine. My people. But there’s a loophole. Scatter, the walls are tattered with familiar faces, spaces are covered with colors of valor, all colors are valued, integration. What a wonderful state, part of the nation we represent, Nittany. It behooves me to see all my people scattered, tattered across the walls and littered in the halls, waiting for the call of their colleagues, classmates, family, friends, there is no end. Everybody is connected one way, AND the other.” — truPOET

Students in Lares BldgWow. Every day, everybody anticipates coming into the Lares building looking for their friends. I love seeing all the people I know inside one building with different motives of what they’re immediate future holds. Either they are waiting for the next shuttle, waiting for the next class, waiting for the cafe to clear so they can enter, or just waiting to overcome their procrastination, this is where it all happens. Lares is always packed around Common Break, people looking for seats, asking for seats, stealing seats. It’s a jungle!! Almost as bad as the parking lots, but I’d like to be one of the few not complaining about the underuse of the Target parking lots. Back to the point: before I can even think about taking my seat in Lares, I must first salute every person I know, with hugs, kisses, handshakes, fist bumps, and/or head nods. Then the question I must always answer is “Where are you coming from?”

When it comes to leaving Lares, it is always tough if you’re doing it all by yourself. To abandon your friends for another class knowing they’re having fun in Lares, breaks my heart. Not that much really. But it’s always fun coming back in and seeing every one already settled and with a spot saved for you. That’s love. One thing that must improve is the food!! The variety, the prices, the quality, the time…I mean come on!! Nevertheless, we live with what we have. And that’s how it will remain, for now at least. If you need me, you should probably look in Lares first and foremost. If I’m not there, just quit, there is no use even looking. People of Lares, unite!!



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