Penn State Pride

Can you believe that it is already February?! January flew by and with a busy couple weeks coming up, I think February will too. School work has been keeping me extremely busy but this semester I am really enjoying my classes. I am taking BA 321, MIS 204, and MGMT 331 all with Jim Georges and then HIST 001 with Luke Santoro, and CAS 352 with Robert Hoffman. I would honestly recommend any of these classes. 

I’m not a big fan of history in general but I find myself just waiting to hear what Santoro is going to say next. I don’t think there has been a class yet where we didn’t laugh about something. It’s nice to have a class that is more relaxed because I think that is how I learn best. My 3 classes with Jim Georges are great. I love classes that relate to current events and he does a really great job of relating what we are learning to real world issues. He has so much experience in different fields and I really respect what he has to offer to the class.If I had to pick, CAS 352, Organizational Communication, is probably my favorite class this semester, and possibly in my top 5 classes that I have taken so far. It is so relevant to everything that I deal with as a student leader and I think it will really help me to grow as an individual. Professor Hoffman is an exceptional teacher and I am really looking forward to learning more from him the rest of the year.

I would say that my all time favorite classes so far include, Anthropology with Capelotti, Management with Deb Casey and BA with Salar Ghahramani. We are really lucky to have some really superior professors at Penn State Abington and I take so much pride in going to a school that offers so much in terms of education. I really want to know what classes have you taken here that you absolutely loved???


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