Road to THON: Moralers

One of the most exciting things for dancers leading up to THON is getting to meet their moralers. This past week Cat and I received messages from our moralers, Laura and Stephanie, for THON weekend! They are going to be there for us throughout the entire weekend keeping us motivated and pumped up. 
This weekend we are going to our dancer retreat where we will get to meet Laura and Stephanie along with some other dancers for THON 2012.  We are really excited to start forming bonds with the people we will be spending time with all weekend.

This weekend is also our last canning weekend. Canning is very important because it makes up a lot of our total.  So if you see someone from Abington standing outside be sure to drop some change in his or her can! This is a big weekend for us because we want to raise as much money for THON as possible and the days are limited.  Join us in our fight!

If you can’t get out to donate, donate online at with the organization as Abington.


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