Student leaders you are swell!

This weekend has been a busy one, which didn’t give me much of a chance to rest after a long week. Now here I am and it’s Monday again and I’m still exhausted. Why was my weekend busy? This weekend I attended CCSG (Council of Commonwealth Student Governments) along with 10 other Penn State Abington students. Six times a year, the student governments from each campus as well the Central Staff meet to discuss issues across the commonwealth and try to solve those problems. It is a weekend for each campus to be heard.
This was the 4th weekend of the year and for the first time ever it was at another Penn State campus other then University Park. Penn State Hazleton hosted this CCSG weekend and it was great to experience another campus other than Abington and U Park. CCSG is also a time for me, as a THON Chair, to get information that I need to have a successful year.

These weekend are important in making Penn State an even better university. This is where our voices as students and commonwealth campuses can be heard. If there are things that you would like to see changed, the first step to seeing that happen is talking to our Student Government. Don’t just sit back, have your opinions heard and help Penn State to grow!


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