What is Canning?

As THON’s third canning weekend approaches, I figured I would try to explain exactly what canning is.  Everyone has probably seen Penn Staters standing on the corner of intersections or in front of stores with cans and signs—that is canning. From 8am-5pm from Friday through Sunday, THONers will be braving the cold and maybe even rain/snow (let’s hope not) to make a different in the life of a child.

So why would someone want to give up their weekend to stand out in the cold? I’ll admit that canning isn’t always easy but the end result is worth it. When you see that your organization raises over $4000 in a weekend, you couldn’t be more proud. And not only are we standing out in the cold to raise money but we are also standing out there to give the families hope. Every hour that we are out there brings us one hour closer to a cure.

Be sure to support Abington THON. If you wont be in the area you can donate online at https://secure.imodules.com/s/1218/thon/thon.aspx?sid=1218&gid=1&pgid=671&cid=2344 with the organization as Abington.

Enjoy the weekend!

Forever & Always, FTK!

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