Learn. Serve. Act

How was everyone’s first week back?!?! Did anyone else feel like the week went by really slow? It felt like it wasn’t ever going to end! Let’s hope that the whole semester isn’t like that. I think with all the events that are coming up, it will be a quick semester, but I guess that depends on if you choose to get involved and take advantage of everything that Abington has to offer.

Next week is Discover Service Week! It is the perfect week to learn about service and act upon what you learn. This week has a lot to offer. Although there are no classes on Monday, make it a day on, not a day off!

Throughout the week there are a lot of programs going on including Learn and Craft, Dine and Donate, and Write for Life. There will also be a collection in Lares for paper goods (paper towels, napkins, tissues and toilet paper) for local pantries all week.

The week will be ending with a THON Canning Weekend. From Friday to Sunday THON members will hit intersections and storefronts to try to get donations that will go towards the fight against pediatric cancer. Canning isn’t always the easiest thing, but the end result is always worth it. Some of us will be out each day from 6am to 5pm so if you see any canners with Abington on their sign, please donate!

You can see the slideshow below for more information about the events! I have always felt giving back was important because I don’t know where I would be had I not been helped along the way. There are so many people in the world that are less fortunate than us so please get involved in the events taking place next week!

Charles Millard, the founder of the Four Diamonds Fund, said, “When you bring together good people, for an important cause, there are no limits.” So Penn Staters, we can show the world that there are no limits by making a difference in the lives of people in need and it can start next week!

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