Penn State Abington

For the first time in the college’s history, a Penn State Abington team has won a NEAC Conference title! The women’s soccer team (17-1) won the title the other day, defeating Lancaster Bible College 3-2 in penalty kicks. Unfortunately Abington is in their final year of NCAA provisional status, which means that the team is not eligible to receive the automatic qualification to the NCAA tournament. However, the women’s soccer team is eligible for the ECAC Championships, awaiting a bid that will hopefully come this afternoon. This is a huge milestone for the athletic program and most certainly the women’s soccer program. “To see how far we’ve come as a program – from going from 0-17 and not being able to win a thing to here. It’s unreal.” Coach David Castellanos after the championship win.

As an avid soccer fan, as well as a sport fanatic in general, this championship title can have unlimited possibilites for the athletic program as well as the college. Certainly as we near the completion of our NCAA eligibility, we increase our exposure and success in recruitment of athletes from across the nation. As a campus, this also increases our exposure and success through our admissions program. This diverse mix of students from across many different states is what makes Abington extremely unique, and certainly draws students to apply here. In summary, it’s an exciting time at Penn State Abington, and the year has just begun!

Congratulations to the women’s soccer team, their coach David Castellanos, and Abington’s athletic director Karen Weaver!

Check out the video here!:


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