The Opportunity of a Lifetime

There is a first time for everything (or so they say) and this first-time event was certainly everything we expected and more.

For anyone who has attended THON weekend (Dance marathon at University Park in State College) it brought thePenn State Abington THON Dance Marathon sights, sounds, and feelings of the 46-hour dance marathon to our Abington campus. In addition to the atmosphere, it created an opportunity for people to sing, dance, and take part by staying awake for 24 hours. For someone who has been to THON a few times, it was identical… well, with the exception of having it in the BJC and being surrounded by thousands of people. Abington created its own line dance, a dancer section, (filled with coloring books, bouncy balls, and tons of other activities) a dance floor and stage dedicated to karaoke and dancing the time away, a food/water section, and a fashion show. The fashion show seemed to be extremely successful, and maybe the highlight of the night, from what I had heard.

For anyone who hasn’t gone to State College to take part in the THON activities, it provided them with the experience and enthusiasm that they have never had or felt before. It gave them a sense of what THON weekend is like. They were able to feel the energy and excitement for 24 hours (all in the Lares building), without having to drive the three-and-a-half hours! Furthermore, the event welcomed others that haven’t even heard of or joined THON and in an indirect way almost challenged them to join the fight to cure cancer and go up to THON, which is every third weekend in February.

24 for the Cure was tremendously successful and full of inspiration. The emotions and opportunities were truly something special. The hard work and preparation that went into planning it paid off and brought the indescribable moments to the eyes of people who had never seen it before.

Check out the video below from 24 for the Cure!


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