Taken by Peg Chapman

This past weekend was certainly nothing short of amazing, and the THON 5K definitely had a lot to do with it! In terms of the event itself, it was a complete success. There were a ton of people there, and Abington was certainly well represented. In terms of my personal success, I forgot my running shoes. Yep, go figure, right? I tried to hunt around State College for anyone that looked like they were a size 9.5 shoe, but I was unsuccessful. So, I had to watch, which still was pretty rewarding. I believe the record time was around 16 minutes, which was amazing, not only in terms of the time, but also because the person who won was still flying right up through the end of the race. If you are reading this blog, sir, you are extremely impressive. Anyway, even though I didn’t get to run, I hung out with our THON family, which was just as rewarding. Gab, our THON child, is a wonderful person and I am certainly fortunate to call her and her family my friends. We walked around outside together, went to the THON store, and watched the race. We also ran into a lot of Abington students who had transitioned to University Park, so it was nice to see them all and catch up!

The weekend was definitely a success, and even though I didn’t get to take part, I would definitely consider going up next year! There are a number of events going on this week around campus,  so if you get the chance, check them out! Today is be the annual Abington Pie in the Face, which benefits THON. Also, for the first time, Abington THON will be hosting a 24-hour dance marathon on Friday, October 28th, which should definitely be a ton of fun!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and feel free to comment as always! Thanks again!


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