End of an Era.

Heartbreaker. That’s the word that I would use to describe Saturday afternoon. I say this with a smirk on my face, because Homecoming went extremely well, and Penn State won their game against Purdue. But my Powderpuff football team lost the final game of the tournament. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Brian, girls playing football can’t be enough to ruin someone’s day.” Well, the games were definitely intense. (I think we destroyed the record for most flags broken in a Powderpuff tournament/game!)  Each game was close and the teams that played were fairly matched across the board. However, I might be the most competitive person at Abington, and I hate to lose. Our teams had a nice winning streak going, back-to-back championships, but it all came to an end on Saturday. After I came to terms with the loss and after I got the feeling back in my throat (from screaming), I realized that I had a ton of fun and that all of the girls had fun as well. Powderpuff football can get pretty interesting, and I enjoyed coaching all of the teams throughout the years. This last team really did a wonderful job on Saturday, I’m extremely proud of all of them.

Penn State Abington

Coaching my last game!

In addition to the heartbreak loss in the championship, it also was my last Homecoming as a student. Like most of the feelings this year, it’s definitely weird to think that the next time I’ll be here for Homecoming, I’ll be a graduate of Penn State. On the other hand, I actually look forward to coming back and observing how the things has changed. Even after being away over the summer, it’s always enjoyable to see some of the additions and changes from one year to the next. Abington always improves from year to year, whether it’s academically with new degrees, physically with improvements to the campus, or administratively with professors or staff members. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the ride, and I look forward to staying in touch as well as coming back to continue to see the improvements to this college.

This weekend will be another council weekend, but it’s also the THON 5K, which I will be participating in! As always I’ll keep you all informed on the upcoming events and my endeavors.


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