We Are.

Penn State football. There is nothing like it: tailgating, BBQs, Blue and White everywhere. The first game I attended was Notre Dame vs. Penn State. It was a nighttime White Out game. There are a number of words that I could use to describe it, but the first one that comes to mind is unreal. The roar of the crowd, the sight of white across the stadium, and the chants throughout the game were indescribable. Last Saturday, I attended the annual All-U Day game against Iowa. While it was fairly uneventful offensively, the sights and sounds were still remarkable. During halftime, representatives from each college and campus go onto the field to display their banners, representing Penn State across the Commonwealth. It is amazing. I’ve been fortunate to walk on the field and, apart from watching the game from the student section, being on the field is the most incredible feeling. It’s certainly a wonderful experience for students from across the state to attend a Penn State football game.

This was my last All-U game as a student. It was nice to think about the opportunities I’ve had as a Penn State student, which includes attending a number of football games. If you have not been there, get to a Penn State game. Also, this is Spirit Week at Abington, which culminates with Homecoming on Saturday, October 15th. This is one of the greatest weeks of the year, with tons of fun, prizes, and food! Check out some of the great events out there this week, and I hope to see you all on Saturday!



2 responses to “We Are.

  1. I was there too Brian! We and 100,000 of our closest friends saw a great game. Hope this is the beginning of better games for the Nittany Lions.

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