“Witness something truly majestic”

This quote is from one of my favorite movies, The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

After the first canning weekend, THON at Penn State Abington has gotten off to a great start, raising $4,486.94! How is this sort of fund-raising accomplished? The organization’s driving force has been their integrative ideas, exciting atmosphere, and true passion for finding a cure for childhood cancer. Leading the pack are the organization’s executive board members, who canned a total of 35 hours this weekend. The stage has certainly been set for success this year as THON has a number of events planned for the upcoming months. The annual Pie in the Face event will be held during Spirit Week on Oct. 13from 10am until 3pm. Students, faculty and staff will volunteer to be the targets and all of the money raised will be donated to THON.  In addition to Pie in the Face, THON has planned a new event: 24 for the Cure. This event brings the sounds, sights and feelings of the Dance Marathon (that takes place at University Park on Feb. 17 – 19) to Abington! The dancers who volunteer for 24 for the Cure will pay a registration fee, which will be donated to THON.

People rarely get the opportunity to experience something this extraordinarily majestic. THON is an organization that is truly special. The memories, experiences, and friendships that are made are remarkable. Raising money, making friends, being a part of THON family’s life, and just having fun is what THON is all about. “The little things make a difference, whether it is canning or playing with our THON child during homecoming, you are making a difference,” said Jillian Mensch, Abington’s THON chair, said.

Final thought: Be a part of something life-changing. It’s not too late to join THON and help to find a cure for childhood cancer. THON meetings are held in 204 Sutherland on Tuesday’s at Common Break. To learn more about what THON is all about, I’ve attached a video explaining the remarkable efforts that Penn State students are making to change children’s lives. Also, feel free to check out their Facebook page or their website: THON.ORG


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