Insert Sarcastic Title Here.

Mondays can be rough, but I think it’s safe to say that today might be one of the most disappointing ever for Philadelphia sport fans. Rough does not even begin to describe the games we lost yesterday. I am not a sportswriter nor have I ever played professional football or baseball, however, I am an avid observer and consistent fan of both sports. In this post, for everyone’s enjoyment and particularly Philadelphia residents, I will provide my thoughts and insights on last weekend’s sports events.

The Phillies:  I’m not particularly worried too much about the Phillies, but I think everyone was caught a little off guard when Cliff Lee is pitching in the playoffs with a nice 4 run lead, and they still lost the game. The issue seemed to be with the offense, which only recorded 6 hits in the game. Maybe it was just a fluke, but my thoughts are that if you have one of the best pitchers in the league, with a fairly nice lead at HOME, it’s a must win. I am optimistic about the Phillies as a team, and I’m confident they’ll pull it together and win this series.

The Eagles: What words come to mind this morning? I would start with embarrassing. “The Dream Team.” Maybe it really was a dream…(alright, maybe I need to settle down, but as soon as I heard those words uttered by the media, I knew it would be a disaster). The problem? Simple: the offensive and defensive lines. Check the statistics. Vick, I believe, is one of the most rushed/hurried QBs in the league right now and simply cannot calmly get a pass off in time. Instead, he tries to make a play that isn’t exactly precise and ends up causing a turnover. The other problem? The defensive line. En route to the touchdown by Frank Gore, the Eagles have Asante Samuel trying to tackle him. Where is the defensive line? Or wait, a better question, have the Eagles stopped any teams on the run attack thus far? I would believe that many fans agree that the Eagles have done a terrible job stopping the run. Final thoughts, it’s gut-check time. The 49ers called a timeout with a few seconds before the end of the half. Why? Because they wanted to send a message to the Eagles that they can compete, and they are going to work for every yard and second on that clock. The Eagles and Phillies really need to step it up and show that the enormous amount of money these teams have invested in players is worth it.

On a brighter note, tomorrow I’ll be discussing THON and the great things that you can do to help kids with cancer! Stay tuned and do your best to enjoy this Monday morning.


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