First Day

Well, today is my first official day at 2tor Inc., and I couldn’t be more excited and anxious. To summarize my feelings, I would say that it is similar to the first day of grade school. As a kid, I remember going to bed earlier than usual and making sure that everything was packed for the next morning. I also remember making a huge deal about what outfit I would wear because everyone seemed was extremely worried about that “first day of school” . Ironically, last night and this morning has been fairly similar to that first day of school as a kid.

I went to bed considerably early last night (and sacrificed watching the end of the Eagles game, which ended with a terrible loss) and I woke up this morning indecisive about what I should wear for my first official day working in New York. However, despite the minor dilemmas of this seemingly beautiful Monday morning, I made it to work fashionably early and have had a great day so far! As always, everything seems to work out and I am extremely excited for this great opportunity.

Bad News....

I’ll keep you posted on the rest of my day, as I’m sure I’ll have a ton to write about. Thanks again and feel free to leave any comments throughout the day!



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