First Day of School

A Lions TaleUsually you can always remember your first day of school, whether it was in elementary school or even grade school. The night before you always seemed to have your outfit picked out, or at least we did in our house! You usually went to bed relatively early to make sure that you woke up in time. Before you go to bed, you make sure that the tags are off of your brand-new backpack (we usually purchased a new backpack for the school year, for some odd reason!) And that was it! Tomorrow brought a new school year and a series of new journeys and adventures. Sure, maybe you didn’t get a new backpack for college or buy a particular outfit that you wanted to wear on the first day of school, regardless of all that, I would believe that most students are pretty excited for the first day! No, I wasn’t planning on wearing any particularly special outfit today, but I would say that I’m excited to begin classes and to catch up with people that I hadn’t seen over the summer. I usually found that the first week of classes in college was a mixture of the fun of summer and the feeling of class life put together. There always seems to be a wonderful arrangement of events for students that allows them to feel more comfortable, and quiet simply just have fun and relax! Yes, it is possible to have fun and relax in college! Of course, the first week of class is also relaxing since many of the classes won’t have a ton of homework within the first week, but there are always some exceptions! Regardless, I believe in some way or another students are still just as interested and excited for the first day of school, just as they were in grade school! So the message for everyone today? Enjoy the moment, the first day of school should be fun, so allow it to be! Trust me the year will go by a lot faster than you realize, so enjoy it!

As always, feel free to leave some feedback on how your first day was or anything else!


2 responses to “First Day of School

  1. My favorite part of my first day was how welcoming my peers are and how you made it fun. Thanks Brian for being a great president and helping me adjust to the atmosphere…

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