So long sweet summer…

Well, with a week left to go in the summer, I believe it’s that time again to prepare for the fall semester and accept the fact that summer is over. How does it feel? In one word: Weird. With my brother and sister preparing for college, it seems that life at home has been turned upside down with getting everyone all set and moved out. I’m sure those of you who are moving into college and getting your living situation settled know exactly what I’m talking about, and imagine how it is at my house when you have twins figuring it out for the first time. Yes. Craziness. But, on the bright side things seem to always work out and I’m sure they will get settled in with no problem. As I prepare for my final year at Abington, the feeling could be easily described as weird. I feel as if the “clock is ticking” and the “real world” is quickly approaching. Nervous? Yes, of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. However, I’m also pretty excited to see what the future brings, not only for this coming year at Abington, but also for after my academic journey. It should certainly be interesting, but I am anxiously looking forward to seeing what happens. Aside from my regular class load, I plan on devoting much of my time to preparing myself for a career in higher education. This includes finishing up a few internships as well as starting to apply for jobs/positions in the area. As of right now, it seems that Shippensburg is a very serious possibility in terms of further pursuing a career in higher education. As a whole, I’m extremely excited for these sorts of possibilities, but I also want to make the most out of my final year at Abington. Abington, as a campus community, has been so great to me and has given me so many opportunities for success in the future, and I certainly look forward to finishing out the year strong!

As many of the students are preparing for the year, as well as the fall semester, please feel free to provide some feedback in terms of questions or quick tips about college, classes, etc. I’d be more than happy to help anyone out if possible!

Other than that, hope all is well and that everyone enjoys the final weeks of summer! Advice for the close of summer/beginning of the year: Breathe deep, everything always works out!



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