And the winner is…

Well, I was wrong. No tears for Laura, however, the more I think about it, the more I realize maybe emotions don’t need to be a part of the equation. I spoke with my sister yesterday and asked her how she felt now that her dance career is coming to an end. She sort of smiled and said she just didn’t need to cry, she enjoyed her time while dancing, created friendships that will certainly last a lifetime, and personally grew from a young girl into a woman. Scoreboard: Brian- 0 Laura- 1. But maybe that’s what life is all about. (Now you’re all thinking to yourself, oh, boy, Brian is going to get all philosophical on us.) Maybe life is about the journey, and not the individual moment. Sure, sometimes I believe it’s good to live in the moment, but it’s equally important to enjoy the ride and be thankful for the journey that you have had. And quiet simply, maybe that sums up my sister, go figure!

Regardless of my poor predication, I am extremely proud of the things that my sister has accomplished. She has truly grown up in front of my eyes and it has been a pleasure to watch her throughout her journey. Dance has been just one moment in her life, but it certainly has created a level of confidence that will continue with her for the rest of her life! Great job, Laur, we’re all proud of you!

Well that about does it for today! Wednesday will be my brother and sister’s graduation from Pennsbury High School, so I will certainly have a ton to write about following that wonderful moment for them, as well as our whole family. Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by!



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