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Andddd BREAK!

Wow! I was so not ready to leave Spring Break! (Even though I had a few extra days) I had the best time! Spring Break has always been a big deal to me, not in the go clubbing in Miami and get wasted stereotype, but it a way to just relax and cool down right […]

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So it has been one hectic and crazy first three weeks of school! Being a senior, most of my classes were in full swing the first day of classes with no warm ups or welcomes. We’re all sitting in room 313 Woodland, waiting for our syllabuses to be handed out and hearing what we already […]

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For Granted

First I’d like to explain… even though I was going to blog about my daily experiences and reflect on my handwritten daily journal from my trip, we decided to go in a different, and hopefully more interesting, direction. So post trip, I’ve had some time to reflect on my trip. And at first I couldn’t […]

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Okay ya’ll get ready, because here we go! I will give you daily updates of my Study Abroad experience, to Panama. Here and Now. Day 0: Before I get there So yesterday, I traveled late in the evening, (I’m talking really late, like 9pm) to my hometown airport in Jacksonville. Although JAX airport is International, […]

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Ugh! Can you believe it!?! I cant. I’m still in shock! After such a long, busy summer already, I can hardly believe that I’m already on my way to Panama! Just finished packing, and starting tomorrow afternoon its two days of traveling from Florida, to Philly, to Newark and FINALLY to my study abroad! I […]

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